Merchant of Venice | Royal Opera House Covent Garden, London

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She is, however, eclipsed by her Nerissa, the superb Austrian singer Verena Gunz (who has also sung this role for Polish National Opera as well as in Bregenz). Gunz absolutely lived Nerissa, convincing at each and every turn and absolutely an equivalent in terms of quality with Lynch’s Shylock.

Icarus | Cantiere Internationale di Montepulciano

Opera Magazine
The journalist was played by Verena Gunz, who displayed a well-blended, warm tone and a wide range, and was perfectly at ease in the Sprechgesang

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In the role of the journalist, the mezzo-soprano Verena Gunz was able to prove her interpretative as well as vocal skills, especially during the the long and complex madness aria which practically takes up the entire last scene. During the tense moments, such as the interview with her ex-husband who is being held captive as well as those filled with seduction and part-erotic, part-ideological banter Verena Gunz has complete command of the stage and lends real credibility to her alter ego.

Merchant of Venice | Welsh National Opera

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Verena Gunz sparkles as Nerissa

The Stage
Fine performances from Sarah Castle…..and Verena Gunz’s quick-witted Nerissa

Opera Magazine
….Castle and Gunz, both mezzos, rose to the demands of the scene

Schönberg in Erwartung | Neue Oper Wien

Der Neue Merker
Mezzo Soprano Verena Gunz interpreted the sensual song cycle with great intimacy. She was superbly capable of expressing the longing and yearning of this woman.
During the 15 songs – remarkably performed by Verena Gunz – one could impossibly ignore the references to Stanley Kubrick’s film „Eyes wide Shut“

Salzburger Nachrichten
Mezzosoprano Verena Gunz from Linz has the easy youthfulness required for the role of a woman who is haunted by her dreams and longings…a sensual performance.

Orpheus | Royal Opera House Covent Garden

Evening Standard
A young cast, featuring seven singers making their Royal Opera debut, offered a stylish, accomplished performance.

Karl Schreiner’s choreography makes enoromous demands on the young cast who combine accomplished Italianate singing with dizzy athletic feats.

The Merchant of Venice | Bregenz Festival, July 2013
Also the ladies Kathryn Lewek, Magdalena Anna Hofmann and Verena Gunz (Jessica, Portia and Nerissa) showed that they prepared this piece intensively; every gesture and every note is right.

Vorarlberger Nachrichten
Verena Gunz exudes a beautiful sound as Nerissa

Die deutsche Bühne
His mate Gratiano takes Portia’s also musically attractive companion Nerissa (Verena Gunz)

The applause of the first night audience in Bregenz was for Keith Warner’s succesful production…..and the vocal glory of…..and Verena Gunz (Nerissa) in the main roles

Not less convincing: The soprano Magdalena Anna Hofmann as vocally excellent Portia (yes, it is also about love), Verena Gunz as very good Nerissa.

Badische Zeitung
Anyway: The vocal cast of the night is exemplary: be it Charles Workman, Magdalena Anna Hofmann, Verena Gunz, Kathryn Lewek or Jason Bridges

Tiroler Tageszeitung
A little bit of light, colour, sensibility and humour appear in the for the male world indeed sometimes labyrinthish female world. There shine the voices of Magdalena Anna Hofmann (Portia), Kathryn Lewek (Jessica) and Verena Gunz (Nerissa) in the dark male world and break it up.

OÖ Nachrichten
Evenly exceptional Magdalena Anna Hofmann as changeable Portia and Verena Gunz as cunning Nerissa

Der Standard
All the others – Magdalena Anna Hofmann (Portia), Verena Gunz (Nerissa) …. sing with virtuosity that is eqalled with intensity

Financial Times
Bregenz has assembled an elite cast for the occassion, and all the roles are well sung.

Bayerische Staatszeitung
All the brilliantly cast soloists around the highly expressive, torn Shylock of Adrian Eröd got clear applause

Kärntner Tageszeitung
Richard Angas as the Duke of Venice, Verena Gunz as Nerissa and David Stout as Gratiano stand out of the rest of the cast vocally and dramatically

Der Neue Merker
Her companion Nerissa was played affectionately by the mezzo soprano Verena Gunz from Linz.
Her companion Nerissa was Verena Gunz who possesses a bright and very appealing mezzo voice.

Die Zauberflöte | Bregenz Festival, July 2013

Der neue Merker
The best sound came from the voices of the three ladies sung by Magdalena Anna Hofmann, Verena Gunz and Katrin Wundsam

OÖ Nachrichten
The three Ladies (Magdalena Anna Hofmann, Verena Gunz and Katrin Wundsam) were cast really well

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